Globalizing Education | Transforming Lives

Director's Letter

PAX Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. provides services to educational sector in India with a vision of Creating value driven products for learning & development of stakeholders which leads to societal impact. We deliver services around providing HR/I.T platforms, need based events, Virtual engagement & International experiences with a mission of Globalizing Education | Transforming Lives.

A steady stream of globalization, relatively low operational costs, and scientific and technical innovations, all lead us to believe that India's economy will stay on its rapid growth path over the next two or three decades with more contribution to the same from educational sector, generating more than 8 million students every year. India is considered the ultimate experience opportunity, making the Indian educational environment increasingly more competitive at home and abroad.

PAX Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. Is striving to mirror the success of Indian education with our ongoing commitment to acquiring new information, improving our programs, and focusing more on the stakeholders we serve. We will do this by focusing on our long-term development, as well as our short term needs, in order to further improve our company's strong foundation.