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  • PAX Edutainment - Globalizing Indian education.

    PAX Edutainment enables its partners to deliever quality golbal experience to their students.

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  • Explore USA

    9 Day educational experience on American education, culture and international relations

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  • Experience Russia

    An invaluable program for networking, cross-cultural interaction, business knowledge and leadership in Russia.

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  • Experience China

    Develop leadership skills through academic activities, networking, industry visits, and cultural interaction in China.

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  • PAX US, UK & EU Summer Programs

    PAX Edutainment has partnered with international organization to provide life altering summer programs to exceptional students.

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  • Experience Singapore

    An educational experience through activities, networking, industry visits, cultural interaction in Singapore

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Every market, like its customer base, differs from the other. For example, multi-national corporations operating across different geographies usually have CFOs who are well acquainted with GAAP or accounting systems of multiple markets. Experience with different systems thus becomes crucial under such circumstances.


The more exposure you get to different management styles and working environments, the more flexible you will be. This can be a gilt-edged career advantage. With such experiences behind you, you are more likely to be considered for important, leadership-oriented responsibilities.

Stay on Top

Organizational restructuring and cross border M&As are a norm now. Under such circumstance, companies prefer to promote deserving candidates to higher levels rather than bringing in new people. This particularly holds true for a cross border acquisition. If you are already armed with experience of that particular region, the choice becomes obvious.

Our Programs

We offer global learning environment by providing an educational experience that provides young people the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through adventure, international relations, international business and cultural interaction by exploring different countries.

PAX Edutainment provides services to educational sector in India with a vision of Creating value driven products for learning & development of stakeholders which leads to societal impact.